Update on YWAM in Somalia, the OC Uprising, Using What You Know in Missions and more

YWAM Podcast show

Summary: Exciting stories about YWAM Communication Teams in Africa, we talk about the Orange County Uprising, there is an upcoming global day of prayer in London, we ponder if we are using our God given gifts in YWAM and I ask you the question, do you always like what God commands you to do? Stories: * Continued Prayer and Help Needed in Somalia * YWAM Work in Somalia (http://ywam.org/News-Stories/news/YWAM-Acts-in-Somalia-Food-Crisis) * We have raised $3000 so far for the YWAM work in Somalia * Cholera is now a problem in the crowded refuge camps (http://www.irinnews.org/report.aspx?ReportID=93506) * YWAM Thailand * The Bridge Children’s Centre (http://www.ywamthai.org/bridgechildrenscenter) * Sometime I Don’t Like what God Commands me to Do * Article on Christian Post (http://www.christianpost.com/news/confession-sometimes-i-dont-like-what-god-commands-me-to-do-50577/) * YWAM AfriCom has new web-site * http://ywamafricom.org/ (http://ywamafricom.org/) * New Podcast also launched from YWAM AfriCom * Audio Podcast - Challenges and Miracles in the Democratic Republic of Congo (http://ywamafricom.org/podcast/audio-stories/challenges-and-miracles-in-the-drc-audio-story) * The Importance of Communication in YWAM West Africa * Using What You Know in Missions * Using What You Know in Missions by Bill Hutchison (http://billhutchison.org/using-what-you-know-in-missions/) * How Can God use an Engineer in Missions in YWAM (http://billhutchison.org/using-what-you-know-for-missions-engineering/) * YWAM Strategic Frontiers - Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management School - CARMs (http://www.ywamsf.org/carms.html) * YWAM Family Ministries in Phillipines * Summer Camp in an Abra Villiage (http://www.ywam-fmi.org/news/items/summer-camp-in-an-abra-village.html) * U of N Workshop in Kona September 5 - 11 * http://www.uofnworkshop.com/sites/ (http://www.uofnworkshop.com/sites/) * YWAM Orange County * Youth Culture Rises up in OC (http://campaign.r20.constantcontact.com/render?llr=x9fu59fab&v=001vumIjKLl6-9aGVOh0DvWy3tho0cNdGEOGuHF5NBYWIb1Oio4LICGapYMe0ZssLQal9xmR664iuYVNVw3r7wYWfjvWVJJXvc8cWfV3qb3vgWMomf7fUfTUr_xy1656xLd0_7BXl4YlGPI0ADJnqJg9g%3D%3D) * Call2All Global Congress in Long Beach, California * November 29 - December 3 * Global Congress (http://call2all.org/Groups/1000075743/Call2All/Events/Call2All_Global_Congress/Call2All_Global_Congress.aspx) * YWAM Americas Conference 2013 * in Panama City 28th April to 4th May 2013 * YWAM News - YWAM Americas Conference 2013 (http://ywamnews.billhutchison.org/article/ywam-americas-conference-2013/) * YWAM Madison 25th celebration * October 14 - 15 * 25th Anniversary Celebration (http://www.ywammadison.org/2011/08/ywam-madison-25th-anniversary-celebration/) * Global Day of Prayer London * Saturday, September 17: 9:30am - 4:30pm * Great Hall at Wembly Stadium * London Calls All Leaders to Carry the Torch at Wembley Stadium (http://www.theway.co.uk/feature.php?id=8525&this=London_Calls_All_Leaders_to_Carry_the_Torch_at_Wembley_Stadium) * Free Podcast Seminar by the Podcast Answerman * September 3, 2011 - Online * http://podcastanswerman.com/webinars/podcasting-101/ (http://podcastanswerman.com/webinars/podcasting-101/) Music: * Woje - Sloppy Mop - Rag * Woje Music (http://www.wojemusic.com/) Audible: * ywampodcast.com/audible (http://ywampodcast.com/audible)