Golfing for YWAM, Germany Invades the USA, Developing New Languages and is Shutting Down

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Summary: This week we find out how people are Golfing for YWAM, YWAM Germany Invades the USA with a new German language training centre in Florida, we talk about the development of new Languages and writing scripts to help oral language cultures to express themselves in and read the written word and we talk about Shutting Down it's website, email and payment services. Stories: Golfing for YWAM in Newcastle and Colorado Springs YWAM Emerge and YWAM Strategic Frontiers have partnered up to put on a high quality golf tournament at The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs. The Broadmoor consists of several private courses, and the YWAM Golf Tournament will be held on the West Course this year. The tournament will be help on June 10th, 2013 and you can register and find out more at ( ( YWAM Newcastle recently help a 100-hole Golf Marathon to raise money for their warehouse facility. They managed to raise around $20,000 for the development and had a lot of fun in the process. Here is a response from Stu Brown, one of the participants in the event: ( I was truly impressed with Jack Narvel’s organisation of the whole event and I believe he and Jan have pioneered a new way for YWAM Newcastle to raise finances for what God is doing through them in the city. This kind of event is so unique and definitely engages a different demographic to any other that YWAM would come in contact with. With NBN television coverage, corporate and personal sponsors, and the new connections with Shortland Waters Golf Course, the golf marathon has increased community and corporate relationships and made way for this event and others to continue each year. I can’t wait for the 2014 YWAM 100 hole golf Marathon! You can find out more about the even on the YWAM Newscastle web-site, ( YWAM Herrnhut has Expanded to Florida! ( YWAM Herrnhut in Germany is launching a new training location in Venice, Florida. It will be once of the few German language discipleship training schools outside of Germany, and the only one I can find in either North or South America. YWAM Herrnhut ( is doing this expansion for two reasons: * They are outgrowing their Water Castle in Herrhut, Germany * To attract German speakers into their ministry You can find out more about the expansion on their blog, ( Uniskript - a revolutionary linguistic innovation Uniskript is opening doors for understanding of the written word in cultures around the world. Starting with languages from Asia, the Pacific and tribal languages in the jungles of Brazil, these script based writing systems are easy and quick to learn - even for verbal only cultures who have never had written expressions of their own languages. Instead of requiring months and years to learn to read, Uniskript makes it possible for beginners to read simple phrases in a matter of hours and become fluent far faster than with traditional "iconic" (like Japanese) or "phonographic" writing systems (like English, French, etc.). Shutting Down Service ( service that was widely adopted and used by YWAM Ministries around the world is being shut down at the end of April 2013. The donation part of the web-site has already been shut down, with staff and ministries needing to find alternative ways to receive donations. Over at