Episode 005: Christine Flanagan from the Business Innovation Factory

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Summary: In this episode, Christine Flanagan joins MEP to talk about the potential of competency-based learning to provide new higher education opportunities for students, new school models, and how putting students behind the wheel in the classsroom could be education's "secret sauce".  You do not want to miss this episode! Chris Flanagan is a passionate advocate for experimentation and innovation in education. We simply aren’t doing enough to create the right kind of environments and structures to serve all our citizens. Since 2004, the community that serves as the hub of her cause is the Business Innovation Factory where she is the Director of the Student Experience Lab. Following a 15-year career in advertising, marketing and communications, toiling away to help Corporate America make meaning of itself, Chris decided she'd had enough. She became interested in taking her expertise and experiences to develop the capabilities of students to become innovators. She's intrigued how design can improve the quality of experience for students. And she believes students themselves should play an active role in education innovation. In so doing, we democratize our educational system. Chris received her B.A. from the State University of New York at Albany. She regularly writes and speaks on the topics of innovation, design thinking, student voice and education disruption. When she's not at the Lab or home with her interesting kids putting her (almost) culinary degree to good work, she's dreaming of hiking the mountains of northern Utah. Social media & key links from the episode: Twitter:  @chrisflanagan LinkedIn:  www.linkedin.com/in/riflanagan Email:  chris@businessinnovationfactory.com Student Experience Lab work at the Business Innovation Factory:  http://www.businessinnovationfactory.com/projects/sxl