Ignaz Semmelweis - Past, Present & Future

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Summary: In this audio recording, Dr. Charles Margerison tells us about Ignaz Semmelweis. Leaders need to have perspective on the past, present and future. Ignaz Semmelweis proved this with his work in hospitals. He questioned why woman were dying in child birth when they were taken to hospital, while women who had home births were not. By looking at medical practice over time, he could see a pattern. In particular, he noticed doctors in hospitals were going straight from the mortuary to deliver babies in the maternity wing. His introduction of hand disinfection was met with much scepticism by doctors. His statistical analysis of the results of infection over time, would change the way antiseptic procedures were carried out. Today, we have much to be grateful for, when we need medical attention. He is one of our Amazing Doctors in the following title:- http://amazingpeopleclub.com/product/amazing-doctors-nurses