Mindfulness of Breathing: Practicing with the "glass half full" attitude

Alan Wallace
Live from Phuket! show

Summary: In today's mindfulness of breathing practice, Alan started by talking about the causes and solutions for the all too popular phenomenon of the "energy going up to the head," and proceeded by applying the glass half empty / glass half full example in our practice. He emphasizes taking delight in the periods (as brief as they may be) when we recognize we are no longer distracted and have a little glimpse of being clear in the present. Before jumping into the practice, Alan shares a story from his early days in Dharamsala (60s, early 70s) in which he he was asked why it was that he was there practicing Dharma. After the practice, Alan gives a brilliant short talk relating mindfulness of breathing to going "cold turkey" from our mental addictions, and culminates in how we really can develop deep, underlying motivation to drive and hold practices like this one with inspiration and enthusiasm. This photo by Daniela illustrates this concept of motivation... This gigantic (will be the world's largest) Buddha statue being built here in Phuket is almost 50 meters high and will be covered in heavy white jade marble. The construction is an ardous process relying only on donations, and working under a powerful sun and relentless heat. The motivation of seing this statue completed, overlooking Phuket from the top of a hill as well as the religious implications no doubt help the people involved see the “big picture.” More info: http://www.mingmongkolphuket.com/index-en.php