Sudden Cardiac Death in Youth Sports? Life Saving Information

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Summary: If you or a family member is genetically at risk for heart disease, your student athlete could be at even greater risk for sudden cardiac death from whatever sport they play. This devastating information can also help save your child's life. Do not miss this show.Do you or a family member have a genetic risk for heart disease? Has your child been checked for their risk for heart problems? Most parents would not think to get their child checked for heart issues at such a young age. However, now with the information about sudden cardiac death in sports, your young athlete can be at risk for a devastating heart incident while playing. In this segment of Train Your Body, Sports Cardiologist, Dr. John Higgins, MD, joins Melanie Cole, MS, to fill you in on the dangers of sudden cardiac death in your young athlete and how this can be caught early and prevented. This show could save the life of your child!