4 Feet Running - Mojo Loco and 2010 review Part 2

4 Feet Running show

Summary: This is part 2 of a very special episode of 4 Feet Running with Nik and Dan! Use this one for a long run, folks, because it's gonna take a while. In this episode: - Nik and Dan drive from St. Augustine, Florida, to infinity and beyond - Infinity and beyond is located at Kennedy Space Center, apparently - They reflect on the great time they had at the Mojo Loco 50-mile-ish relay in December - Dan gets fed up with back-of-the-pack gripes and tries to run faster - Nik overcomes her various dietary quirks at the Philadelphia Marathon - A vague at their plans and goals for 2011, mostly vague because they're only sort of sure what they are at the moment - Nik gets indoctrinated into The Cult of Crossfit - Speaking of cults, they see an Amish person (don't worry, Amish people won't see this because it's on a computer) - Apologies for the sound quality -- moving cars are noisy to record in Thanks for listening, and enjoy!