4 Feet Running - Boston Mini-Vacation

4 Feet Running show

Summary: Spend the weekend in Boston with 4 Feet Running! Known in the metro Boston area as Faw Feet Runnin. In this very special episode: - Nik and Dan drive to Boston and get a wicked good paaakin space - They get ready to run the Poco Loco, a 13-mile group run of Boston and Cambridge along the Chaaales Rivah, with Steve Runner, Zen Runner, Eddie Marathon, Chris Russell, Tim D., Tim C., Jay and Deb Kumar, Kelly, Jim, Ninjarunner, Kevin Z., Alett, and special guest appearance by John Ellis - You will barely hear from any of those people because of technical difficulties - Find out what Nik & Dan have been doing since December, and where they're going in 2011 - Talking skepticism with Steve and jazz with Zen Runner - A walk through the park in the Fenway, and then a walk through Fenway Park - Put on your mittens and long underwear, Satan: Nik attends her very first Red Sox game - Dan gets super-excited while praying in The Cathedral of Baseball - More of that appalling 4 Feet Running sound quality you crave - Email: 4feetrunning@gmail.com / Blog: 4feetrunning.blogspot.com Thanks for listening! Enjoy! [5.5.11]