Too Young for Botox?

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Summary: Somewhere in your 20's you may begin to see the signs of aging, but when is it okay to start using Botox?Somewhere in your 20's you may begin to see the signs of aging: little wrinkles here and there, crows feet around the eyes, laugh lines.  But when is it okay to start using Botox? Aging is the most natural process that you go through and it is evidenced in your skin. Thankfully there's Botox. Over the last couple decades, Botox has become very popular. More and more women in their 20's are even taking the Botox approach for a more youthful appearance. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, in 2012 there were 6.1 million injections performed. Of those, almost 100,000 were for people in their 20s, which was a 10 percent raise from the previous year. The reason behind the increase is that Botox is used as a preventative way to stop wrinkles from becoming permanent. The injections help by temporarily paralyzing facial muscles in order to stop wrinkles from forming. Some studies claim that you can retrain your muscles if you start using Botox at an earlier age. So, is it premature to start using Botox in your 20's or a wise beauty investment? Plastic surgeon, Dr. Peter Geldner, MD, discusses Botox and why younger women are jumping on board with getting injections. He also shares information on when it is too young to start the injections and any risks for starting at an early age.