FUSION WORLDS - Electro-Acoustic Experience show

Summary: AAWA Flight 003 is NOW boarding! LIFT OFF with Astranova's Ambient Worlds Airways! As our Globe is warming, and sea level rises, in the future, we will need a "SPACE SPONGE" to absorb the excess water, so let's travel into "THE VOIDE" with Super -Swedish Electronica Master, Dave Almgren... On "SoundscapeS" we preview the next AMBIENT WORLDS show... While the nations that surround the NORTH POLE vie to claim the Arctic for themselves, as the pack ice melts, we soar far above and beyond with DREAM VOYAGER, to imagine a future where the Arctic Ocean's rich ecology thrives on international collaboration for the preservation of the Planet... Ahhh, now that would be truly be a vision THROUGH the NEBULAE to an Enlightened World! PLEASE WELCOME OUR AMAZING NEW TEST PILOTS: Dave Almgren’s The VOIDE from Stockholm, Sweden Si Oliver’s KALABI from Cheshire, United Kingdom Please feel free to comment - JOIN US on the JOURNEY! Best wishes from AMBIENT WORLDS! Alex C Featured Destinations on AAWA Flight 003: 1 NEBULON - Wizard & Mzungi 2 SPACE SPONGE - The Voide 3 THOUGH the NEBULAE - Dream Voyager 4 PASO FINO - Romaniacs 5 ZORRERO - Mediterranea 6 BURNING VIOLINS - Kalabi 7 ALGERIA - Scott Hill 8 FONTAINEBLEU - Dream Voyager