AAWA 4 - Zero Digital "G"

FUSION WORLDS - Electro-Acoustic Experience show

Summary: Astranova's Ambient Worlds Airways 004 - Zero Digital "G" AMBIENT WORLDS, ASTRANOVA is celebrating new releases from Alien Music Club, Mystikos Quintet and QUASAR On this whirlwind tour, we will be experiencing Somnambulance with brilliant Bulgarian maestro, SLEEPWALKER, as we visit the mystical "INVISIBLE CLOISTER", where we pass thru a time space portal with TWM, to a land of barbarians in antediluvian earth...to "CIMMERIA"! Then, through pure "SERENDIPITY", we discover that "HEAT is Not Made of Tiny Hot Things" With the temperature rising steadily, we lift off to achieve "Zero Digital Gravity", where "Passages Through Time" can occur spontaneously... Next, with our sense of time distorted, we take "MY SOMA" to achieve equilibrium, while we watch the Sun dwindle to a distant point of light, as we are attracted my the massive magnetosphere of the "NEUTRON STAR"!