AAWA 007 - Midnight World

FUSION WORLDS - Electro-Acoustic Experience show

Summary: Visit Vincent James incredible “Midnight World” for Machine Love! Now available for download or licensing through AWML on the “URBAN CONNECTION” Machine Love's influences include psychedelic, lounge, jazz, funk, and rock artists such as Piero Umiliani, Ennio Morricone, Visit Venus, Air, Pink Floyd, Piero Piccioni , Cocteau Twins, Herbie Hancock, Porcupine Tree, Armando Trovaioli , Nick Drake, Tom Waits, Lesiman and Miles Davis. Here's what some reviewers have said: "...their imagination seems to know no bounds... they have a fantastic collection of ambient music...and every one is a gem of a production and flowing with creative ideas... I think these guy's are amazing writers of ambient music...." -- X-eption Radio "...Awesome music...lushly orchestrated tracks that ply a smooth mid-tempo groove. Floating ambient interludes take some of the cuts into New Age territory, but the rambunctiously funky beats bring them back down to earth..." -- Listen.com "This is just straight-up 'Booty-music', kinda like updated porno-funk...but better" -- ElectronicScene Members Vincent James: All Except, Tad Ro: Guitar, Belinda Blair: Vocals, Jim Hedges: Guitar Artist URL http://www.garageband.com/artist/machinelove http://www.machinelove.com