Episode 144: Lieb Cellars Bridge Lane Rose

East Coast Wine Geeks Podcast show

Summary: -Chris and Jen start making plans to visit Long Island. -Chris finds it necessary to tell us that this rose is not white zinfandel -Jen is really excited that this rose is 100% Cabernet Franc. Other topics of discussion: William Shatner, voices on tape, childhood discipline, what that spoon with the hole in the middle is for and how women talk too quietly. Nose: crisp, juicy strawberries, sweetness and minerality (chalk, limestone) Palate: Nice acidity and minerality, tart strawberries, with a deep tannic Cabernet Franc Core. Scores: Chris: 88 “It’s a really good rose” Jen: 90 “I love that Cabernet Franc core” Bryan: 85 “A little acidic for me--its a personal thing--its really a technically good Rose.” Kate: 87 “I like the acidity”