tDJs030 - kev's party!

textureDJs present... transatlantic grooves show

Summary: Anyone who's caught up with textureDJs in person will know that I'm of the Australian persuasion. And there's been some momentously joyful news in the last week from back home, with the tories finally turfed from office after over a decade, and new PM Kevin Rudd installed! For Australians this should make for more of a fair go in the workplace and an honest approach to our indigenous issues, and for people worldwide it means no more Australian foot dragging on Kyoto and climate change issues. Hooray! Why is all this relevant to the textureDJs podcast? Well all this political euphoria has inspired me to throw together a mix of party rockin tunes! Click on the post title or here to download kev's party.mp3! Now crank it up and enjoy! Cynan 1. Diplo & Eli Escobar – Groove Is In The Dick - Hollertronix 2. Gwen Stefani – Yummy (J Tilla's No Pajama Edit) - Peaches 3. The Popular People’s Front - Loose In Lisboa – label unknown 4. Underdog Edits – Star Wars Cantina Band Theme – Underdog Edits 5. FDEL – Get Up On Ya Feet – Freestyle Records 6. Qdup Foundation – Renegade’s Revenge – Bomb Strikes 7. Spanky Wilson – Spanky’s Sunshine - Bombs 8. Rube – Get Up – Jazz & Milk Recordings 9. Neighbour vs DJ Soup & Hoola Hoop – Bro Chant (Pt 1) – Homebreakin Records 10. Speaker Junk – Foxxy - Dubsided 11. Bazouka – My Deer Conqueror – Eklektrik Rekords 12. Bryan Jones – Chicago Jack (Bobby & Klein Remix) - Ringside Recordings 13. The Sound Republic – Get Loose (Take a Breath) - SpatulaCity Records 14. The Naf Mob – If I Don’t - Peaches 15. Pirate Breaks – Get Up & Dance (Plump DJs Remix) – Pirate Breaks 16. RSL – Wesley Music - Giant Step Tags: breaks funky house house chicago breakbeat mp3 kevin07 textureDJs