Supplements & Vitamins: Ineffective, Expensive & Deadly?

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Summary: Even though some popular therapies are helpful, many of them are ineffective, expensive and even deadly.In Do You Believe in Magic? Medical expert Paul A. Offit, MD, offers a scathing exposé of the alternative medicine industry, revealing how even though some popular therapies are remarkably helpful due to the placebo response, many of them are ineffective, expensive and even deadly. Dr. Offit explains how alternative medicine - an unregulated industry under no legal obligation to prove its claims or admit its risks - can actually be harmful to your health. Using dramatic real-life stories, Offit separates the sense from the nonsense, showing why any therapy - alternative or traditional - should be scrutinized. He also shows how some nontraditional methods can do a great deal of good; in some cases exceeding therapies offered by conventional practitioners. An outspoken advocate for science-based health advocacy who is not afraid to take on media celebrities who promote alternative practices, Dr. Offit advises: "There's no such thing as alternative medicine. There's only medicine that works and medicine that doesn't."