My Roommate is Driving Me Crazy with Susan Fee

The Joy of Organizing show

Summary: The kids are back in school, and our college students are just finishing up their second or third week of school. For many, this is their first time with a roommate that is outside of their immediate family. After getting to know each other, they are probably just getting into their first disagreements about living in the same small space. This week we welcome professional clinical counselor Susan Fee to the show. She is the author of a best selling book "My Roommate is Driving Me Crazy" which deals with the issues surrounding living with someone else, especially when you are in college. While her advice is geared towards a college-aged audience, her tips for managing conflict can be used across all age levels and housing situations. We found it particularly useful in our field, as often times there is one tidy person and one messy person living under the same roof. We often come across these situations with our organizing customers, and it contributes to a lot of stress and tension within the household. So take a listen to Susan's advice on how to pick the perfect roommate, how to manage conflict with the people you live with, and a look at the valuable information on her website- About her book: My Roommate Is Driving Me Crazy! Are you living with your total opposite? Does your roommate's boyfriend or girlfriend spend more time in your room than you do? Does your roommate make it impossible to communicate? This book's for you! In My Roommate Is Driving Me Crazy, Susan Fee teaches you how to solve conflicts, set boundaries, and survive even the most challenging roommate.