Episode-936- Holly Baird from Wisconsin Vegetable Gardeners

The Survival Podcast show

Summary: A Beautiful Backyard Wisconsin Eggplant Holly Baird and here husband Joey put out a weekly vegetable gardening/DIY show.  They focus on the average gardener, simple home living, and using what you already have. They strive to be self sustainable, and focus and reusing common items to keep things out of the landfill and save money.  They grow an organic vegetable garden in a suburban area near Milwaukee, WI. Holly joins us today to discuss why they do a show that encourages people to grow their own food and become more self sufficient. We also discuss why they are growing their own food and why it just makes sense to do so today.  Their favorite things to grow, highest yielding plantings and the best plant selections for the first time gardener. We then discuss concepts like the GMO food threat, dealing with pests organically, supporting local growers and ways to preserve and extend the harvest. Resources for Today’s Show… Members Support Brigade TSP Copper – (get awesome copper bullion) Join Our Forum ShelfReliance.com – (sponsor of the day) Free State Project – (sponsor of the day) Wisconsin Vegetable Gardeners on Facebook Wisconsin Vegetable Gardeners on YouTube Remember to comment, chime in and tell us your thoughts, this podcast is one man’s opinion, not a lecture or sermon. Also please enter our listener appreciation contest and help spread the word about our show. Also remember you can call in your questions and comments to 866-65-THINK and you might hear yourself on the air.