A M B I E N T    W O R L D S show

Summary: COSMOS of HYPNOS... Ambient Dream Worlds

Welcome to a special edition of AMBIENT WORLDS we journey into realms of altered states of consciousness...Examining the twilight worlds of Sleep and Dream, we will drift gently into the COSMOS of HYPNOS... Now BOARDING @ the FABRIC of TIME space portal...Your current Astral Navigators are : Dream Voyager...We begin the our mystical mission with "SURREALITY" Empty space is not actually empty—it positively buzzes with subatomic particles. Many of these are photons, the particles of which electromagnetic radiation (light, microwaves, radio waves and so on) is composed. And most of those photons are part of a relic known as the cosmic microwave background or CMB).…The CMB could be likened to the very SANDS of TIME... from FUNKFISH's dramatic debut LP, ANCIENT FUTURE. Dream Worlds may be entered with the assistance of a good comic book...We Just fell under the spell of the MEKON GROOVE... Yes, Dan Dare, Pilot of the Future WAS actually an Astranova agent... as is our TOP MAN... Dr. M... Could it be Sir Patrick Moore, Britian's favourite ASTRONOMER Starring on WIZARD & TEE's MEKON GROOVE?!?...Get the full length version on SEXTACY, available exclusively on iTunes... As we orbit Mars, it's time to descend to the Martian surface...Turn on emergency FREEDOM LIGHTS...Activating the incomparable TWM, The Wimshursts Machine...Anti-Gravity Shield is off... Negative "G" acceleration...Prepare for... FREEFALL! You are flying through TIME & SPACE, exploring the COSMOS of HYPNOS on AMBIENT WORLDS...With DREAMS we can imagine. With the power of dreams we may live our lives to the full. The Dreamer is Heroic...The Dream can never die...Let's join the superb Romaniacs in honour of a true Dreamer...From the Gypsy Caravan, It's...Don QUIXOTE. Serendipity is the effect by which one accidentally discovers something fortunate, especially while looking for something else entirely. The word derives from an old Persian fairy tale and was coined by Horace Walpole on 28 January 1754 in a letter. We have just discovered sonic SERENDIPITY... from the unique QUASAR project featuring keyboardist extraordinaire, JEZZ WOODROFFE... Next, its on to Copenhagen to join Bjarne O so we may all share...VINATI's DREAMSONG...from Bjarne's masterful VIRTUAL WORLD. HYPNOS is the classical Greek god or spirit (daimon) of sleep. He resides in Erebos, the land of eternal darkness, beyond the gates of the rising sun. Returning to Planet Earth after visiting the VIRTUAL WORLD, we are flying northwards toward the Arctic Circle...Here, we have been observing the incredible aurora borealis, which is named after the Roman goddess of the dawn, Aurora, and the Greek name for north wind, Boreas. Aurorae are visible as an amazing bright glow observed in the night sky. These magical NORTHERN LIGHTS occur after periods of extreme Solar activity, Solar Storms which send waves of cosmic rays, Solar Wind, into Deep Space. The solar wind and the magnetosphere are two electrically conducting fluids which generate electric currents by "dynamo action", in the process also extracting energy from the flow of the solar wind, creating the hypnotic NORTHERN LIGHTS...Special thanks to KOPI LUWAK, from Yucatan, Mexico, your superb Ambient Worlds Airwaves pilot through the aurorae... After the fascination of the NORTHERN LIGHTS, time has accelerated AWAY BEYOND MIDNIGHT... from the album GROOVZ RADIKAL. As we drifted deeper into the Realm of Hypnos, we learned how to LET IT SLIDE with our excellent navigator, PIXELFROG... Warning: Beware any direct contact with this exotic Frog : "RED ALERT" !!! Froggy alkaloids now taking effect...All passengers, take a deep breath......OK, continue breathing normally we descend deeper still...Pressure is building, Now entering the ghostly kingdom of ATLANTIS with our guide to the depths: From Warsaw, Poland, it's Stalker & MORT