A M B I E N T    W O R L D S show


 Global passengers boarding NOW, to experience: "EMOTIONAL MOTION"... Today's "Flight of Passion" takes us to many exotic destinations, both geographically & metaphysically... As the night falls, we begin our epic exploration in sound...Today's flight originates in Turin, Italy...Our remarkable guest navigators are TWM, The Wimshursts Machine. As we fly up towards the Alps, looking out above Torino, you can see the "FREEDOM LIGHTS" below... As we merge with the physical & metaphysical worlds, we have been experiencing the HARMONIC EMOTION of Dream Voyager...Next, we will be meeting ALMA de DIOS, the GOOD SOUL, introduced to us by Mediterranea...From ZORRERO. After continuing westward around the Mediterranean, now we're flying North from the Costa del Sol to our next destination... Madrid, Spain with a unique infusion of XTREME BULARIA, it's the excellent FLAMENCO XTREME! We just flew through Brittany for a Celtic celabration with TWM's latest release, "Whistle & Luke", out soon on TIME TRAVELER...We are traveling through Time & Space with Astranova's Ambient Worlds , bringing space travelers around the world together, for unique musical Journeys of Mind & Spirit... Flying back through time we're visiting ancient Kurdistan to expand our WORLD HORIZONS with Mzungi & Scott Hill...Just say the magic words, USHU DUSHAI... Transcending the world of Terra Firma now...All Passengers please prepare for transfer to the ASTRAL-Submersible as we enter AQUATIC WORLDS and take a look at the world from a whale's perspective...as we gain true EMOTIONAL DEPTH... We just visited our dear friend, AMARO, The Loved One... from the LIVE the DREAM LP...Full length versions of all the tracks on today's Journey are available through the ASTRANOVA / AMBIENT WORLDS catalogue, on iTunes globally...So get ready to turn left into Doug Hinrich's amazing, percussive WORLD IN GROOVE...Keep watching : here comes the SIGNAL: After a short flight of fantasy, we went down under with Wizard & Tee for the delight of SURFER's PARADISE... from classic Trip Hop LP, SEXTACY... Next, Something brand new...A preview mix of a collaboration between Mr Q and the Wizard! As the journey gathers speed, prepare for velocity increase with PERPETUAL EMOTION... Maintaining such a high velocity can cause any body to overheat! So now its time for another lesson in Hyper-Physics...Just as a hot dog is not composed of tiny hot doggies, "Heat Is Not Made of Tiny Hot Things"...from the enigmatic and brilliant Mystikos Quintet... After our super hot re-entry with Mystikos Quintet from low Earth Orbit, we prepare to complete our Journey with a perfect re-entry trajectory with our guest navigators, Dream Voyager...Lets all chill together as we feel the inspirational FLIGHT of PASSION... Featuring Flavio Vettese on Sax...From Dream Voyager's MYSTIC CASTLES. YOU are flying on Astranova's AMBIENT WORLDS AIRWAVES...Visit www.AmbientWorlds.co.uk for much more info on ALL our featured artists... Greetings to our friends in France, Spain, Mexico, Moldova, United Arab Emirates and Egypt! Click on our WORLD PASSPORT to ZOOM into exactly where you are, to leave us your cosmic message and photo ...Remember! Leave a link to your website! Sometimes it would be convenient to have the famous Translator fish from the "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy"...I'm afraid that English will have to do, so let's have a hearty helping of FUNKFISH from their brand new release, ANCIENT FUTURE...speaking a universal language, it's time to get comfy in the VELVET KRUSH...This is the Time Travelers Mix... Last, let's take a special trip to MOLDOVA with the superb Marcel Gherman and MEGATONE... into a dark but rich and inviting atmosphere...Let's dive into the BLACK LOTUS...And drive away at high speed...Thanks for traveling with us to unique AMBIENT WORLDS... EMOTIONAL MOTION - Amore 3 @ 96kbps