Episode 83: Helping Web Developers Get More Secure with Bill Sempf

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Summary: In this episode, Keith and Woody sit down with Bill Sempf to discuss the important matter of developing web applications securely. The guys went through Bill’s Top 10 list of items every web developer must remember and the tools that can help keep your web site and/or application from being hacked. Thanks to our guest this episode Bill Sempf is a software architect.  His breadth of experience includes business and technical analysis, software design, development, testing, server management and maintenance, and security. In his 17 years of professional experience he has participated in the creation of well over 200 applications for large and small companies, managed the software infrastructure of two Internet service providers, coded complex software happily in every environment imaginable, and made mainframes talk to cell phones. He is the author of C# 2010 All in One for Dummies; a coauthor of Effective Visual Studio.NET and many other books, a frequent contributor to industry magazines; and has recently been an invited speaker for the ACM and IEEE, CodeMash, DerbyCon, BSides, DevEssentials, the International XML Web Services Expo and the Association of Information Technology Professionals. Bill also serves on the board of the Columbus branch of the Open Web Application Security Project, and is the Administrative Director of Locksport International. Bill can be found on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/sempf Bill’s blog can be found at http://www.sempf.net/ Show Notes Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) Download Show