Rob Orman on Ultrasound Podcast to talk about Peritonsillar Abscess.

Ultrasound Podcast show

Summary: Some of you may have heard an EMRAP recently (not really recently - maybe 6 months ago) with Rob Orman talking to an ENT doc, Dr. Shiley, about peritonsillar abscess.  However, there was NO mention in the podcast of ultrasound, which is a huge part of our workup and treatment.  So Mike and I have great respect for Dr. Orman.  So much respect that we thought we would lambast him publicly for this OUTRAGE!  Actually, he doesn't have the right probe in his ED to do what we normally do for PTAs, and that's why he doesn't do it, but he's a good enough sport that he agreed to let us "make an example" of him and teach you this skill.  So here's a quick preview of the upcoming podcast. ...we'll have the full version ready to go in a few days.