Is It a Sinus Infection? Does Your Child Need an Antibiotic?

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Summary: Not every runny nose warrants antibiotics. Learn which symptoms do.Does your child have an upper respiratory infection that has symptoms that have lasted more than 10 days? Or have they had a severe onset of symptoms including fever and nasal discharge lasting at least three days in a row? Before you head to the doctor, you should know... not every runny nose warrants antibiotics. You've probably heard recently that it's not good to give antibiotics unnecessarily; so how does your doctor decide if your child actually needs antibiotics? If the diagnosis is a sinus infection, you may need to try a few types of treatment to get rid of it. If antibiotics aren't an option this time, when IS it a necessity to give your child antibiotics? Special guest, Dr. Ellen R. Wald, shares some important information regarding antibiotic treatments and when they are appropriate.