Funkdawgs featured on Nashville Music Guide Magazine

Funkdawgs Jazz-Funk from around the Planet show

Summary: Nashville Music Guide magazine, April 2006 INTERNET FUNKDAWGS COME ALIVE Imagine a band recording 2 albums and never having met person to person. That's exactly what the Funkdawgs band did. With musicians all over the world that hooked up on the site these stellar players recorded a jazz R&B funky sound that is out of this world. The group was formed in 2001 and have release two internationally-acclaimed independent albums, BORDERLESS (2003) and DAWGMA (2005). These stellar players met in person for the first time to reharse for their first live gig on April 1st at the Gibson Showcase Club in Nashville USA. The musician ship at the show was extraordinaire, from the flawless guitar riffs to the soulful solos of the sax player woven around a toe tapping jazz and R&B groove. If the live performance is indicative of their CD's, you need to check out their web site ( Sadly the next live performance of the band will not be in Nashville but this summer on Saratoga NY. The Drummer Filippo told NMG, "We all had home studios and never met person to person until this week for our 1st live performance. Bob Johnson, the Saxophone player was the catalyst to get us all together". The Funkdawgs members are Bobby Brewer from Nashville USA (guitar), Filippo Bertacche from Vicenza Italy (drums), Bob Johnson from Ottawa Canada (sax), Bill Lawrence from Albany NY USA (bass) and Kyle Whitlock from Columbia South Carolina USA (keyboards).