Funkdawgs Live Video at Gibson Showcase

Funkdawgs Jazz-Funk from around the Planet show

Summary: Over the past five years the Funkdawgs have released two internationally-respected and well-received independent albums, Borderless and Dawgma, but had never met face-to-face. That’s because the Dawgs all connect, create, contribute and produce their music via the Internet…sending self-recorded WAV files to each other as their songs are developed. Dream became true last April 2006 when FUNKDAWGS played live for the first time at Gibson Showcase Lounge in Nashville TN (USA). On main site click on live section to reach the video with some shots of their live performance at Gibson Showcase... 17 minutes of video there for you to see you favourite DAWGS playing together for the first time... after few hours of rehearse... finally together on stage. We hope this was the first of several future appereances. Special guest on Cat's Meow, Foundation and Free Delivery tunes Mr. John Garr on second saxophone. FUNKDAWGS would like to thank all those people helped and supported the band through these five years. THANK YOU!!