Línea Abierta : MONEY INTO “THE HOLE.”

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Summary: MONEY INTO “THE HOLE.” Tens of thousands of inmates across California have refused to eat in what could become the largest hunger strike in state history, protesting aggressive solitary confinement practices, including decades-long confinement without time outdoors or phone calls. California faces the threat of being charged with contempt of court after the Supreme Court ordered the state to reduce the prison population by 10,000 inmates this year, because of what the court characterized as inhumane conditions. How much of the state budget is being thrown into this prison system and practices such as “the hole?” Guests: Julissa Muñiz, Relative of two prisoners on hunger strike in Pelican Bay and Student at UC Berkeley, Berkeley, CA; Manuel La Fontaine, Organizer, Legal Services for Prisoners with Children, Oakland, CA, www.prisonerswithchildren.org ; Margaret Mims, Sheriff, Fresno County, Fresno, CA.