Do Men Have a Harder Time Communicating?

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Summary: Communication is the foundation on building a relationship. But communication also seems to be the biggest struggle between couples.Communication is the foundation on building a relationship and is crucial in order for that relationship to be successful. However, communication also seems to be one of the biggest struggles between couples. Men and women do seem to have different conversation styles. Generally speaking, men find it more difficult to attach words with emotions. Having an emotional conversation can be challenging because women can oftentimes be overly analytical and verbose.  We've all been there; a simple conversation turns into raised voices, pointing fingers at who is to blame and before you know it you have a full blown war on your hands. Are men and women really from two different planets who can never see eye to eye, or is there a simple answer hidden behind the question: Do men have a harder time communicating? Certified dating coach, Tara Richter, discusses how men communicate in relationships and solutions on how to get your significant other to open up if you're running into difficulties.