These No Good Men & The Women Who Love Them!

LanceScurv show

Summary: It’s the age old question, why is it that these men who have a track record of cheating, laziness and non reciprocation on an emotional, physical and mental level in their relationship always seem to hold on to that dedicated woman who just can’t seem to wake up and understand that her relationship is either going NOWHERE or just a deadbeat dream that will never amount to anything? Tonight’s show will be a free flowing “get it off of your chest” open discussion where one can feel free to vent their frustrations and pains, solutions and suggestions on a subject that has seemed to plague a woman’s heart from the beginning of time……. …….that stereotypical no good man! If there is a no good man that you know who needs to be “blown up” then this is the place to do it! TELL THE WORLD! Let’s laugh, cry, shed our anger, wake up to the truth, debate and maybe come away with just a little bit more wisdom than when we woke up this morning! I don’t think you want to miss this show so mark off the spot on your calender for the 21st of October at 10 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time) and let’s make a date!