You Might Be His Wife, But Are You His Bottom B*tch?

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Summary: The Bottom B*tches connection is not merely in the physical realm, she remains faithful and committed in the most undying manner as her dedicated laser-like focus to “Ride or Die” with her man is a textbook example of unconditional love to say the least. Even when the world may doubt him she won’t flinch or waver in her faith in his good standing even when others have abandoned the ship. And if the truth be told, she wouldn’t even leave his side if he were found to be guilty in anything other than violating a child on purpose, but murder, theft or even infidelity, she “ain’t budging” ONE bit! The Bottom B*tch is very protective over her man and while others may see the obvious in her adornment that she is quite worldly, she is very much a spiritual being, not in the sense where she practices any religion more than anyone else but she has a natural born gift of discernment that she is not afraid to use to filter out the negative entities that seek to scheme on her man and bring him down. She will not allow you to “smile up” and “kee-kee” (False bravado) with her man if she detects that you are not an authentic person who is in his corner. At the first opportunity  that she has to “step to you” to straighten you out and “blow up your spot” she will! It doesn’t matter if you are out in public at a social function or stepping out of the church house on a Sunday morning with your family. She is going to speak her mind and tell you exactly what she sees about you in your character and why you dislike her man and what you need to do as far as banishing yourself from his life. Read the entire blog by clicking here: