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Summary: More details about the study of probiotics reducing severity of heart attacks; FDA drug recall reveals flaw in FDA approval process; How to get enough potassium and how much is enough? Deaths from opiate drug overdoses has increased in the past decade and how to prevent over prescribing; Popping blood vessels, a symptom of vascular fragility syndrome, should be checked out; Check thyroid and other hormones to figure out why sleep time is reducing; Quality control of dosing caused the recall of Levoxyl thyroid medication; Be careful with anti-immune drugs to combat autoimmune diseases since they do have side effects and increased cancer risk; Chinese herbal approach may help a young woman with premature gray hair; Why infections after cancer surgery increase chances of metastasis later; CoQ10 may help the memory loss side effects of using statins; Testosterone supplement will probably help muscle mass loss in someone who exercises regularly; Update on Affordable Care act implementation delays and support for contraceptives