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Summary: OHLONES AND MAYAS SHARED HOME. When the first Europeans arrived to the continent, the Ohlone people’s territory covered California’s Northern and Central coast. Since then, this territory has become one of the most populous and urbanized in the country, and many of today’s Ohlone live side-to-side with diverse ethnic groups. The San Francisco Bay area is now the home to one of the largest Mayan communities outside Yucatan, in Southern Mexico. Mayans and Ohlones share some ancestral roots as well as similar modern challenges to preserve their culture and language. This program is part of a special series on indigenous communities in North America. Guests: Rosario Chacón, Board member, Asociacion Mayab (Asociación Maya Yucateca del Area de la Bahia), San Francisco, CA, http://www.asociacionmayab.org ; Ana Patricia Martínez Huchim, Maya language Professor and writer, Anthropologist, Asociacion Mayab, San Francisco, CA, http://www.asociacionmayab.org ; Antonio Moreno, Representative, Ohlone Profiles Project, http://ohloneprofiles.org