June 23rd - Part II - This Week at the United States Supreme Court

Supreme Podcast show

Summary: This week the Court issued eight opinions and granted certiorari to one new case. Our podcast this week comes to you in two episodes. The first, released on Thursday, discusses the first four opinions issued this week. This episode, part 2, discusses the following cases: FCC v. Fox Television Stations, Inc., which concerns whether the FCC's indecency policy is unconstitutional; Knox v. Service Employees, which concerns whether public entities with unionized employment can force non-members of the union to pay special union assessments intended solely for political and ideological expenditures without first providing notice that includes information about that assessment and permitting an ability to opt-in or out; Dorsey v. United States and Hill v. United States, which consider whether the Fair Sentencing Act which reduced the disparity between sentences for crack cocaine and powder cocaine from 100 to 1 to 18 to 1 and, specifically, whether the reductions applied to those who committed their crimes before the Act's enactment but who were sentenced after its enactment; Southern Union Co. v. United States, which considers whether facts relevant to the imposition of substantial criminal fines are to be found by a judge or jury. GRANTS OF CERTIORARI (click on case name to download lower court decision) Smith v. United States (D.C. Circuit) OPINIONS (click to download) Williams v. Illinois (10-8505) Christopher v. SmithKline Beecham Corp. (11-204) Salazar v. Ramah Navajo Chapter (11-551) Match-E-Be-Nash-She-Wish Band of Pottawatomi Indians v. Patchak (11-246) FCC v. Fox Television Stations, Inc. (10-1293) Dorsey v. United States (11-5683) Knox v. Service Employees (10-1121) Southern Union Co. v. United States (11-94) DISSENT FROM DENIAL OF CERTIORARI Fairey v. Tucker (Sotomayor)