013 – Andrew Warner – Mixergy, Success, Failures and Fear Management

Starve the Doubts show

Summary: Andrew Warner is the guest for Episode 13. Andrew is the founder of Mixergy, a site where proven tech founders teach entrepreneurship. Andrew has recorded over 801 interviews with founders of companies like Sun Microsystems, Pixar, Groupon and Linkedin. Mixergy has also produced over 87 tactic-driven courses which are taught by founders in their specific area of expertise. For more info, you can follow Andrew on Twitter or on FaceBook. Here's what you'll learn from this episode: Andrew's memorable Motley Crue concert in a random field in Southern California. Andrew's favorite albums by Motley Crue are Girls, Girls, Girls & Theatre of Pain. Andrew shared the story of how he returned his clothes from J Crew after wearing them for months. He used the refund money to help start his business. Andrews favorite drink is Leopold Brothers Maryland-Style Rye Whiskey which is difficult to get & is usually sold just before Christmas. He also enjoys a glass of Glenlivet scotch while having one on one conversations with highly successful tech entrepreneurs who visit the city. When running, Andrew listens to a variety of audio content: This Week in Google podcast, King of Capital Audiobook, and Spotify  Andrew let us out some creative ways to enrich your relationship with your wife or significant other Tips on how Andrew starve the doubts when it comes to pursuing meaningful relationships Tips on how to be better in communication based on Andrew's real-life experiences Head games vs. reality The most satisfying or awarding experience Andrew has in Mixergy How Mixergy impacted his and other people's lives Andrew's Book Recommendation: Winner Takes All: The Race to own Las Vegas. In the meantime... Always treat others the way that they want to be treated, always do your best & remember to Starve the Doubts, Jared Easley