014 – Stu McLaren – Key to Success for WishList Member, World Teacher Aid

Starve the Doubts show

Summary: Stu McLaren is the guest for Episode 14. Stu is a husband, proud father, world traveler and start-up entrepreneur living in the South Ontario, Canada. Stu co-founded "WishList Products" which helps business owners sell more by creating communities around their products, services and/or brands. The flagship is the highly profitable - WishList Member, which is a WordPress plugin that powers over 42,000+ online membership sites worldwide as it serves to simplify the process of building and managing an online community or membership site (A few of his clients include Inc Magazine, NY Times Best Selling Author - Michael Hyatt and Mixergy.com). Here's what you'll learn from this episode: The story of WishList Member - its beginning and growth How Stu starved the doubts to start the business and pursue the idea of his online service What are the WishList Products and what they can offer His Threadless.com products Stu's perspective on business partnership and its benefits How Stu measure success What is World Teacher Aid and how it impacted both his life and business What is "Write to Give Day" and how this program helped shape the minds of kids from developing countries Stu's advice or encouragement to someone who wants to move beyond the 60+ hour week, commuting in busy traffic and wearing a suit everyday Stu's Business Book Recommendation: The Billionaire Who Wasn't - How Chuck Feeney Secretly Made & Gave Away a Fortune by Conor O'Clery    In the meantime... Always treat others the way that they want to be treated, always do your best & remember to Starve the Doubts, Jared Easley