What EVERY Parent Should Tell Their Daughter

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Summary: These days, kids are influenced so much - and often temped to do the wrong thing. How can you teach your kids to make the right choices? Many mothers and fathers have thought to themselves: "If I only knew that growing up, I could have prevented this." Special guest, Erika Katz, provides tips on sharing important information with your kids so they don't grow up saying the same thing. You may think it's impossible to influence them positively - especially in this day and age when they are influenced so much by outside sources - and temped to do the wrong thing. But you CAN stop the vicious cycle through simple communication... whether it's how to introduce your kids to proper hygiene or how to teach them about healthy weight.  And you can do all this without sabotaging their self-worth. You can even bond over beauty! Erika shares some tips on how to affect a change in your daughter (or daughters) through sharing natural beauty secrets.