G-Spot & Female Ejaculating - Jun 03,2013

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Summary: Join me and Elizabeth Wood as we shared our own experiences to learn how to massage our own G-Spot and bringing ourselves to ejaculating state. Elizabeth's husband, Daka Dan will share his knowledge of the g spot and g spot stimulation from a man's perspective. He will share with the audience how he co-creates this experience with women. This is a hot topic. Men want to know the technique. Women want to experience what they've heard to be deeper sensation. Both are afraid to approach this area of intimacy and surrender. Elizabeth and Dan co-founded and own Beyond The BedroomTM, for information and education on relationship and intimacy skills. I, Mai Vu, am a sex & relationship coach, working with couples who are in crisis or divorced women who are dating again. Check out MaiVuCoach.com and SexLiesandConsciousness.com