Baby Boy Circumcision - and its impact on SEX - Nov 19,2012 - Jun 11,2013

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Summary: As a society we get outraged with female circumcision. We KNOW that this is genital mutilation. Yet when it comes to our baby boys being born in the United States, we quietly hand them over to the doctors to mutilate their cock in the first 3 days of their life. WHY? (i am sorry i had to use the word cock instead of the "p" word, since BlogTalk Radion wont let me use the word "p" its might offend some people. I dont get it either) Whats worst we see no connection to how this violent act shapes our boys into men, and how it might effect their relationship to women. This conversation is dedicated to the 500,000+ male babies per year who got their cock mutilated right here in the United States of America. You can find more meaningful conversations at Sex Lies and Consciousness our research for this show came from and