June 22nd - This Week at the United States Supreme Court

Supreme Podcast show

Summary: On this episode we discuss the following cases: GRANT OF REVIEW - @3:30 Mount Holly v. Mt. Holly Gardens Citizens in Action, Inc. - Are disparate impact claims cognizable under the Fair Housing Act? OPINION - @9:35 American Express v. Italian Colors Restaurant - The FAA does not permit courts to invalidate a contractual waiver of class arbitration on the ground that the plaintiff’s cost of individually arbitrating a federal statutory claim exceeds the potential recovery. (5-3) (SCALIA, J.) OPINION - @20:15 Agency for International Development (AID) v. Alliance for Open Society International, Inc. - The Policy Requirement violates the First Amendment by compelling as a condition of federal funding the affirmation of a belief that by its nature cannot be confined within the scope of the Government program. (6-2) (ROBERTS, C.J.)