Episode 924 – Mysterious Universe

Mysterious Universe show

Summary: For our final episode of Season 9 we have the biggest stories from the week including Uri Geller's hidden past as an undercover spy and brand new Yowie sightings from Australia. We then move into the magic of the Hawaiian Kahuna's mastery of fire and the Germanic monster archetypes of the Van Meter winged humanoid encounters. It all builds up for the grand finale as we descend into madness the depths of the subterranean world with Aaron's story of the decade. Uri Geller psychic spy? The spoon-bender's secret life as a Mossad and CIA agent revealed MU Interviews Russel Targ FBI Foils Plot To Build Strange X-Ray Weapon, Possibly Targeting President Obama Dim Lighting Sparks Creativity Does tooth loss make you forgetful? Yowie sighted at Bexhill - witness asks to stay anonymous The First Huna Firewalking Bad Luck Stories from Taking Pieces of Lava Lava Rock Returned to Hawaii! THE ANCIENT LORE OF THE KAHUNAS Plus+ Extension The extension of the show is exclusive to Plus+ members. To learn the benefits of joining, click HERE. Super Saiyan Jesus This guy looks like Morgan Freeman. He works as a security guard in Venezuela. Still freaks me out to this day, and I've never told anyone this except my girlfriend. Have We Met Before? Doppelgangers Caught On Camera Doppelgänger Effect Lemurian Crystal Headbands ON SALE Music Gesaffelstein - Pursuit via ZacGK Henry Saiz - Fill Me Up (Essy's Run Away Remix) via Human Drizzle Cross Them Out - Betwixt Vice Virtue via The Music Ninja Pablo Bolivar - Off Soft (feat Fabel) via Echoes and Dust WE SINK - White Lies via Salacious Sound Empt - Could Be via The Music Ninja Monophona - Shades of grey via 7 Seconds of Sound