Nils Lofgren and Lou Barlow

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Summary: This episode of Low Times features two legendary performers. One is the classic definition of a side-man, handling lead guitar for what is arguably the biggest band in the world. The other is the leader of a number of iconic indie bands and a solo performer who is constantly reinventing his sound. Nils Lofgren is the guitarist in The E Street Band. He spoke to Daniel Ralston via telephone about joining Neil Young's band at the age of 17, his love of basketball, the re-emergence of Bruce Springsteen as the go-to influence for younger bands and the loss of the great Clarence Clemons. Lou Barlow, the man behind Sebadoh and The Folk Implosion, spoke to Tom Scharpling at Barlow's home in Los Angeles. In Part 1 of their interview, they talk about the first records that Lou loved, his prank phone calling phase and the early days of Deep Wound and Dinosaur Jr. Subscribe: iTunes | RSS Download: Episode 8 (Part 1) Play: