Marriage and the Three A’s – Ep 7

Marital Bliss Podcast show

Summary: Marriage is one of those institutions that is extremely  resilient. It is able to handle some surprisingly tough situations. Yet, there are a set of situations where divorce is often encouraged. These are known as the 3 A's Addiction, though many health officials like to call an addiction a disease. That is not the case here and I express my thoughts as to why it is not a disease in the show. Basically addiction is a sign of selfishness gone unchecked. This is where the addict out their wants and desires before their family members. This can be anything from drugs, cocaine, heroin, and meth.To porn and alcoholism. Whether it is one or a combination, people are able over come, but many times it exposes the rest of the family till dangers physical, mental, or financial and the person who is addicted does not want to give up their high. Abuse is a another A that causes sometimes irreversible harm and damage to love one's who are affected. This can be any abuse, be it, mental, physical, or sexual. This is a situation that many times end in a person going to jail and the other might find themself dead. If you are or know that a family member is being abused. Don't think you can fix it. Get out off the relationship immediately. If the abuser does realize that they have gone too far then the burden is on them to get help. Once they start getting help they have to keep getting help for a year then you can try rebuilding the family with a team of councilors help. Affair is a heart wrenching A that is often a sign of other problems in the marriage. Unless the cheater is a narcissist. Again though this is a huge violation of trust and if the man or woman want to prove they are not going to do that ever again. They have to subject themselves to the 5th degree of questioning. And work tirelessly to prove they are not sleeping around.