Episode 72 — Edgar Oliver

Other People with Brad Listi show

Summary: Edgar Oliver is the guest. He is an American stage and film actor, a poet, a performance artist, and a playwright. His poetry collections include THE MAN WHO LOVED PLANTS, and his plays include THE DROWNING PAGES. Onstage, he has performed a popular one-man show called EAST 10TH STREET: SELF-PORTRAIT WITH EMPTY HOUSE. And on television, he has appeared on the Discovery Channel's ODDITIES. He's also a regular performer for The Moth storytelling series. Topics of conversation include: Lower East Side, Kent Carlson, Mother, Helen, moving, New York City, Prospect Park, outdoor urination, writing, childhood, Savannah, Georgia, Helen & Edgar, paranoia, isolation, Paris, cruelty, letters, the closet, morphine, the silent treatment, Washington DC, running away, birds, friends, self-acceptance, homosexuality, London, art school, theater, acting, stage fright, monologues, Harvey, New Jersey, Long Island, George Washington University, Nadine, psychosis, death, and straightjackets. Monologue topics: traveling, varnishing, oddities, unusualness, and falling asleep with your mouth open on an airplane. This episode of Other People is brought to you by MP Publishing, publisher of the debut novel from Yuvi Zalkow. It's called A BRILLIANT NOVEL IN THE WORKS. It is available now for pre-order and will be in stores on August 14, 2012.