009 – Ryan Avery – The World Champion of Public Speaking

Starve the Doubts show

Summary: Ryan Avery is the reigning World Champion of Public Speaking. He talks about his journey & preparation for the World Championship.  He practiced in open squares, in a sauna & random situations that would make him incredibly nervous or uncomfortable in order to handle the pressure of the big stage. Takeaways - Quote: "You become who you believe you are" - Oprah Ryan discusses specific examples on ways to connect with an audience. He encourages being vulnerable. He shares stories of times when he failed or when he was not proud of decisions that he made & how he has learned from those moments. Be truthful. Be honest. Ryan talked about how he met his wife Chelsea at a party. ** Great Love Story - well worth your time! ** The 4 Pilars for a Successful Life: 1) Live a Happy & Healthy Life below your means 2) Give 10% to good causes 3) Save for Tomorrow 4) Travel to See What Else is Out There Ryan's upcoming book is called "P 3x a Day" (No release date at this time) about accomplishing big goals in your life & pursuing success: Prioritize, Publicize & Practice. Ryan is also working on another book called Trust is a Must. Ted Turner is interesting to Ryan Avery. Ryan recommends reading Ted Turner's autobiography. He appreciates Ted's accomplishments & philanthropy. Ryan hopes to meet Ted someday. Quote: "Insanity is doing the same thing & expecting different results" Albert Einstein. Join Toastmasters! Toastmasters is one of the best ways to develop public speaking & leadership skills. The Perks of Being a Wallflower Movie