008 – Michael Hyatt – SCORRE Conference, Public Speaking Tips & Life Plan Book

Starve the Doubts show

Summary: I was fortunate to attend the SCORRE Conference recently in Orlando, FL. The SCORRE conference was originally started by Ken Davis & the purpose is to help speakers prepare with focus, deliver with confidence & speak with power. I had a major Starve the Doubts moment at SCORRE. I have listened to, read & looked up to Michael Hyatt for a few years now. I wanted to interview him for the podcast. I asked his manager Joy Groblebe (see Episode 05) what it would take to interview Michael. She was honest & said that Michael does not have any availability for interviews right now unless they are extremely mutually beneficial. I understood. Michael is a very busy guy & has a lot that he is working on. I was encouraged by my new friend Joey Kissimmee to seek a short interview with Michael anyway while attending the SCORRE conference. I listened to Joey's advice. I am very glad that I did. Michael was extremely courteous & professional. I was able to catch him one evening at a social event next to the Rosen Plaza pool. Michael discussed 4 major things during the interview 1) How he became involved in SCORRE 2) Michael provided some public speaking tips 3) Michael discussed his upcoming book "Life Plan" 4) Michael talked about the difference between the SCORRE Conference, Launch Conference & Platform Conference. I really enjoyed the conference & learned a ton. My biggest takeaway from the conference was from a woman that I met in my small group named Connie. Connie manages speakers for a living (amongst other things). She gave me some great feedback regarding my prepared speeches & encouraged me to remember to speak "to" the audience & not "at" the audience.   ** If you haven't already - pick up Michael's book Platform today! ** Also - Are you interested in attending the SCORRE Conference yourself? You can sign up by going to SCORREConference.Tv & use the promo code "Cliff" for $100 off. Can't make it to the conference? I highly recommend that you consider picking up Ken Davis' book (Secrets of Dynamic Communication) that outlines the information presented at the SCORRE Conference.