3 Fun Games to Teach Your Child the Law of Attraction

The Child Whisperer Show With Carol Tuttle show

Summary: Most of us were raised to be victims in this world. It's not that we didn't have power over our lives from the time we were young—we were just given a false script. Many of us believed that power over our lives existed outside of ourselves. But the truth is, we've always been in charge of creating our lives. And now that consciousness on the planet is shifting, it's even easier to support your children in knowing the truth and helping them play from a place of being a creator. This show will give you three practical (and fun) tips to help your children consciously practice creating their lives. Quote of the Day "If I can help parents create harmony, cooperation, and understanding in their family system, I've done more for the planet than if I had tried to bring world peace in some global way." Caller Questions 1. Becky, Type 2: I feel like I've done a lot of clearing, but my children keep bringing things up. I feel like I'm missing a piece of something I'm supposed to do—how do I find it? (Listen at 31:20) 2. LaurieKae, Type 1: Is there any danger in opening the floodgates with the Law of Attraction? How do we keep a balance (or is there a balance) between the energy we've created for ourselves and what we're trying to achieve? (Listen at 40:56) We can create so much more than just more money in our bank accounts (although that's an important thing to create). The truth is, you and I are meant to create something bigger, more important, and more global than that, just by creating harmony in our individual lives—listen in at 40:56 to hear what it is.   Tune in, call in, or contact To ask your own question, please call in during the next live show.