Great Marriage Expectations – Ep6

Marital Bliss Podcast show

Summary: Marriage Expectations and What to Expect Oh so nice, you get home and What! The house is a mess. Supper is not even started much less even on the table. Then your spouse hands you the kids and proceeds to inform you of what you are needing to do. What happens? Usually a fight breaks out, right? In this episodes we talk about how we have used a very unique philosophy to manage these expectations. How this philosophy works, why it works and why you should also incorporate it at once. The Couples Movie Woman in Black Well little Harry Potter is not so little any more but he is for some reason still in that charactor. We talk about how we like and dont like this movie. Rating: Rent it Money Savers This week we talk about lay-a-way's and how much they are truly still needed in todays society because the alternative is high credit card bills and fighting over that last Cabbage Patch Kid Jana's Reality Wow Lots happening. Jana loads up with Kardashin's bashing someone named Rob. The Umpa-Lumpa's of Jerseylicious actually have a neat idea. And Project Runways Sweet tooth.