SiF # 199 - Sexual Maturity, Enemas, Marijuana, Perfume, Toys that Simulate Sex

Sex is Fun Episodes 101-200 show

Summary: A caller wants to know if he's sexually mature. Somehow this leads us to discuss enema's, stoners and a funny story of the last time Kidder got high. A Canadian wants to know if perfume is safe to lick off of a woman's neck. The gang apologizes for making fun of Canadians and old women who wear too much perfume. Kidder gives a quick review of sex in Europe. His result, the best sex, by far, is in Holland. Another listener says she has a small clitoris and likes to get off via PIV (penis in vagina) but since she currently doesn't have a partner, she's having trouble getting off. Gay Rick tries to review the Butt Banger Stroker and leans what happens when you try boiling a phthalate infused sex toy. Laura Rad reviews Strict Leather Thigh Cuffs. Download this episode to your computer and listen to it while you pleasure yourself. Subscribe to Sex is Fun on iTunes and get new shows automatically every week FOR FREE. Sex is Fun is sponsored by: