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Summary: The Strangest Secret I must have heard my great friend, Dan Miller, talk about The Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale at least 30 to 40 times before actually searching out this resource for myself. I'm so glad that I did! When I first heard it, I do recall telling myself that I wanted to actually go through and listen to this at a minimum of once a year, if not more often than that. The Strangest Secret was originally released as an audio production (78 RPM Record) in 1956. Without any advertising or formal marketing, over a million albums were sold and it became the first (and only) spoken word message to win a Gold Record. What Is Success? Earl Nightingale shared a definition of success that I have chosen to adopt myself. He says that "Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal. If a man is working towards a predetermined goal and knows where he is going, that man is a success. If he’s not doing that, he’s a failure. Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal." When asked who is successful, Nightingale would have said that a anyone who is doing deliberately a predetermined job because that’s what he decided to do deliberately, would be considered a success. I love that this definition of success does not depend on financial status but instead that you are living a life toward a definite purpose. I especially love how, in his talk, he gave an example of a school teacher and a stay-at-home wife/mother as fitting the definition of success, if they are doing those things because that is what they WANTED TO DO. There is so much more wisdom and inspiration to be found within this resource. I highly recommend that you check out this inspirational message for yourself. You can purchase the physical book for less than $8, the Kindle version is less than $4, and an .mp3 audio version is less than a buck. My Best Podcast Episode Ever Out of all the podcast episodes that I have produced since December 2005, there is one, by far, that is my favorite episode recorded to date. In my EOTC Podcast Episode 131, I share an hour long conversation that I had with Steve Brown from Key Life Ministries. In this episode, I share a few reasons why this was my favorite episode. Social Media Update In this episode, Erik Fisher and I talk about a few of our recent thoughts about Twitter. In our conversation, we discuss the following topics. - Twitter cuts off some functionality to Instagram. - My favorite feature in Tweetbot. - Disabling Official Retweets. - When to Official Retweet and when not to Official Retweet. - Why Erik is looking for a Tweetbot only Twitter eco system. - Why I will continue to use the Twitter's website when on the computer. Voice Mail Options As you know, I am a huge fan of including the voice of my audience in my various podcasts. I am often asked what service I use to obtain the voicemails that I include from my audience. I'm happy to announce that I've recently updated my post on this topic at http://PodcastAnswerMan.com/voicemail. SpeakPipe is a new addition to the services that I recommend. In the episode, I explain some of the functionality of SpeakPipe and how I'm currently implementing it by using a custom feedback page at http://PodcastAnswerMan.com/feedback. Webinar Recording Question Ben called in to ask about how I go about recording 20 minute segments for during my webinars so that it makes for easier post production when creating the video versions that I make available as digital products. I share my answer to this in the episode. The Teenager Podcast Dilemma Ryan called in to say that he and the co-host for his podcast are both teenagers. He is concerned that adults may immediately turn off their podcast upon learning that they are only teenagers and wanted to know if there is anything that they could do to keep this from happening. I share my thoughts about this in the episode. Personal Plug of The Week