HMHS 211 - Lyrically Speaking

The Home Made Hit Show show

Summary: Dave & Tony return to discuss many interesting home songwriting and recording subjects. This weeks topics include "Borrow" a chord progression from an existing songRecording with a click track drum then replacing with hand percussionPlaying drums is really hard or Desktops for recordingRon SexsmithWalk The Moon do pro recordings sound betterRychie Floyd's songwriting philosophy.Chordbot of Lyrics discussionThis weeks songsIan Holtaway - Colour WhiteMike Anderson - I'm Still Taller Than YouRychie Floyd - Everybody Wants To Drink Your WaterAndrew Richardson - Mary Cries (words by Alan Gentle)Edward Wainwright - If You Don't Want Me There are a bunch of videos below related to the show this week Walk The Moon Ron Sexsmith - See It To Believe It Justin Currie - No So Sentimental Now Justin Currie - I Guess I Didn't Love You makes Chris Difford from Squeeze Cry A search for the BBC Songwriters Circle stuff on youtube. Fran Healy Buttercups (not Daffodils as I said on the show)