Episode 917 – Mysterious Universe

Mysterious Universe show

Summary: Rosemary Ellen Guiley takes us once again into the world of the Djinn unveiling new connections with the ancient race and many well known paranormal experiences. What do these powerful, masterful shape-shifters want with humanity? We also feature Psychic assassins from the 1800s and the persuasive telepathy of Sasquatch. Rosemary Ellen Guiley Djinn Universe Rosemary Ellen Guiley The Vengeful Djinn - Episode 510 of Mysterious Universe -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Citizen Hearing On Disclosure: UFO Believers To Testify At Congressional-Style Hearings (LIVE UPDATES) Citizen Hearing On Disclosure SPACE CADETS HIT D.C.: UFO buffs beam up to well-paid ex-pols Airliner 'had narrow miss with UFO' Freaky Sea Monster Caught On Video Smart dust computers are no bigger than a snowflake Audible Recommendations Aaron - Many Lives, Many Masters: The True Story of a Psychiatrist, His Young Patient, and Past-Life Therapy by Brian L. Weiss Ben - Great North Road - Part One by Peter F. Hamilton Sasquatch Speaks and Strangeness Strikes Plus+ Extension - Join Plus+ FRAUD! US Vietnam 'veteran found alive in jungle after 44 years' is exposed as a FAKE Can yoga boost your immune system? Karate experts are psychic: research Anna Kingsford, Psychic Assassin? Russia’s Yeltsin Paid for Protection From Psychic Attacks What is the most mysterious/paranormal thing you've witnessed? Toning and Light Language Song 2012-07-06 - LLA - Arcturian Collective - Oneness Music Karma Kid - In My Arms (Maths Times Joy Remix) via EARMILK Mt Eden - Sierra Leone (Ta-ku Remix) via EARMILK Atu - 'the duo' via Indie Shuffle D33J - Park (Jerome LOL Remix) via Life Crushed Disclosure - You Me via MixTape Maestro Willow Beats - Elemental via The Ripe AbJo - SwoonCroonTwerk via Real Horrorshow Tunes