Episode-117- Eight Forms of Capital Part 6 of 8 – Living Capital

Podcast – Five Minutes With Jack show

Summary: Trees are One Example of Living Capital Today we continue an 8 part series on applying permaculture principals to your business based on the article 8 Forms of Capital by Appleseed Permaculture. In part six we discuss the concept of Living Capital, from the article A precious metal dealer who attended both Financial Permaculture courses advises, “Rather than U.S. Dollars, measure your wealth in ounces [of gold and silver]!” Recognizing that  “precious” metals are just another form of financial capital, Catherine Austin Fitts recommends that we diversify and, “Measure your wealth in ounces, acres, and hooves.” Living capital is made up of the animals, plants, water and soil of our land— the true basis for life on our planet. Permaculture design teaches us the principles and practices for rapid creation of living capital. Permaculture encourages us to share the abundance of living capital rather than the intangible “wealth” of financial capital. In our businesses we can look at living capital in a variety of ways, 1.  Creating true security for ownership and employees 2.  Making use of real property beyond buildings 3.  Diversification the holdings of a business 4.  Creating “good will” 5.  Creating a “living business” Join me today as we take these concepts and examine them at a deeper level. Discuss Episode 117 at TheRoadTo100K.com